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We are not just bodies; we are not just brains; we are not just minds.  We combine all of the above with the phenomenal beauty of consciousness, making us uniquely equipped to bring meaning to being alive. We are driven to understand existence in ways that never occur to other animals (as far as we can tell), and simultaneously we must integrate our physical, intellectual and emotional selves with our spiritual selves so that we can experience life as peaceful, coherent, congruent people with a strong sense of being alive.

There are a multitude of therapies and techniques available to learn or avail yourself of, each with its own distinct philosophy and potential outcome.  Some can be learned for yourself as a personal practice and others require a therapist or facilitator to help and guide you. For all of them you would benefit from first consulting an expert to decide the best way forward for you.  Kinesiology, Reiki, Energy Healing and Breathwork are primarily focused on the energy of the body and of the universe whereas Hypnosis would be more about your mind and thinking processes, incorporating both conscious and subconscious aspects.